Application of laser cutting machine in kitchenware industry

      With the development and progress of social economy, people have higher and higher requirements for daily necessities and utensils. Not only the function is changeable and durable, but also the appearance is chic and beautiful. As an industry closely related to people’s daily life, the kitchenware industry has been constantly updated and rising in recent years.
      Traditional kitchenware processing equipment uses CNC punching machines, and then cooperates with polishing, shearing and bending and other processes to form them. This processing efficiency is relatively low, the mold making time is relatively long, and the cost is relatively high. Metal laser cutting machines are produced under the premise of urgent needs of manufacturers. The development of lasers in my country is very rapid. Metal laser cutting machines can be directly used in the production of various kitchen utensils without molds, which has long-term significance for the kitchen utensils processing industry.
What are the advantages of laser cutting machines?

1. The machine structure is stable and reliable.

      Structural rigidity meets industrial machine tool standards, high precision, and completely eliminates the stress generated during welding and machining. The bed adopts honeycomb welding structure to ensure that the huge thrust generated by the instantaneous acceleration and deceleration of the large inertia motor is evenly distributed to all positions of the machine tool, which greatly reduces the vibration of the machine tool.

2. High-precision anti-collision laser cutting head.

      Imported laser head, with stable drive mechanism + optical system design, can cut at high speed and still be stable. And it can cut material sheets of different thicknesses, which is an indispensable part of industrial cutting.

3. Fast cutting speed.

      With high cutting speed, it is especially suitable for sheet metal.
      The use of lasers to produce kitchen products has great advantages. Metal laser cutting machines are also fiber laser cutting machines, laser equipment that specializes in cutting metal materials. In addition, Shuangcheng Laser also provides customers with various models: laser hand-held welding machine, laser pipe cutting machine, laser cutting machine using the characteristics of laser non-contact processing, cutting products without extrusion deformation, fast cutting speed, no dust, Smart and environmentally friendly. The metal laser cutting machine has high processing precision. When the product demand is high, laser cutting is a good choice, and it can also save costs.
      What are the advantages of laser cutting machine kitchenware industry application compared with traditional processing?

1. Laser processing does not require mold opening, and there is no need to make molds for different designs, saving a lot of production costs;

2. The flexibility of laser processing is high, and the graphics are not limited. Whether it is a simple or complex shape, it can be cut and formed by laser at one time, and automatic layout and nesting of cutting can also be realized, which improves the utilization rate of materials;

3. The laser processing cutting speed is fast, the precision is high, the cutting edge is smooth and smooth, without burrs, which reduces the defect rate of the product and shortens the production cycle of the product;

4. The laser cutting machine does not produce chemical substances that are harmful to human body and the environment, and meets the national environmental protection requirements. It reduces environmental pollution and helps kitchenware manufacturers to optimize the working environment.

      With the increasing development of my country’s industry, the advantages of laser cutting machines in the kitchenware industry are still quite large. Fiber laser cutting machines have also greatly promoted the development of the kitchenware industry. With the promotion of laser equipment, the kitchenware industry products have also achieved diversification. , multifunctional. With the progress of society, good products also improve people’s quality of life to a certain extent.
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