Application of laser cutting machine in photovoltaic industry

      The continuous increase in global photovoltaic installed capacity has accelerated the application of laser processing technology in the photovoltaic industry. The continuous improvement of laser processing technology has also improved the utilization efficiency of photovoltaic energy. According to relevant statistics, the global photovoltaic installed capacity market has reached 130GW in 2020, breaking a record high. While the global PV installed capacity hit a record high, as a major producer in all aspects, China’s PV installed capacity has maintained an upward trend. Since 2010, my country’s photovoltaic cell production has exceeded 50% of the world’s total output. In the true sense, more than half of the world’s photovoltaic industry is the producer and exporter.
      In the application of photovoltaic industry, laser processing technology is currently mainly used in ablation, cutting, edge engraving, doping, drilling and other processes. The laser can concentrate a large amount of energy into a small cross-sectional area and release it, which greatly improves the energy utilization efficiency and enables it to cut relatively hard materials. In the manufacturing process of photovoltaic elements, it is often necessary to use lasers to perform basic steps such as thinning, cutting, and shaping of silicon wafers. At the same time, the high-energy characteristics of the laser make it have an ultra-high temperature, which can burn the silicon wafer and the attached material under precise control, form the edge of the cell doping or coat the surface of the photovoltaic element, and improve the power generation capacity of the photovoltaic cell. The ability of solar energy utilization can fundamentally improve the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation technology.
1.The arrangement of lines
      Aligning silicon wafers with a laser is a common online process for automatic stringing of solar cells. Connecting solar cells in this way reduces storage costs and allows for neater, more compact strings of cells per module.

2. Cutting and dicing
      It is very advanced to use laser scribing to cut silicon wafers. It has high precision, high repeatability, stable work, fast speed, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

3. Battery edge passivation treatment
      Using a laser with high energy and power can quickly passivate the cell edges and prevent excessive power loss. With laser-shaped grooves, the energy loss due to solar cell leakage current is greatly reduced, from the 10-15% loss of traditional chemical etching processes to the 2-3% loss of laser technology.

4. Silicon wafer marking
      Laser marking machine, laser cutting machine is a significant application in the silicon photovoltaic industry to mark silicon wafers without affecting the conductivity of the silicon wafers. Wafer marking helps manufacturers track their solar supply chain and ensure consistent quality.
      According to the statistics of CPIA, it is assumed that by 2025, the annual installed capacity of China’s photovoltaic industry will reach 100GW, then in the photovoltaic application industry, more and more laser processing equipment will be used. A processing technology that emits a laser inside, travels the laser beam after focusing, and cuts on the surface of the workpiece. From the current development point of view, the laser processing technology has defeated the traditional processing technology, which has to prove what I said before. , Under the clear nose that the installed capacity of the photovoltaic industry continues to increase in the future, I believe that more and more laser equipment will be used in photovoltaic related industries, and photovoltaic related industries will increasingly use laser processing equipment!
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