How do enterprises choose the right fiber laser cutting machine in 2022 (2)

       Before, we also learned about the key points of how relevant companies choose a suitable fiber laser cutting machine. Today, we will continue to talk with you about the remaining aspects.
       1. The size of the laser power.

       When choosing the performance of the fiber laser cutting machine, we should fully consider our own environment. The size of the laser power is very important. The cutting thickness determines the power of the laser tube. The greater the thickness, the greater the power selected by the laser tube. Enterprise cost control is of great help.
       2. The core part of the fiber laser cutting machine.

       Some important parts of fiber laser cutting machine, we also need to pay great attention when purchasing. Especially laser tubes, laser cutting heads, servo motors, guide rails, refrigeration systems, etc., these components directly affect the cutting speed and accuracy of fiber laser cutting machines. 3. After-sales service The after-sales service of each fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer is different, and the warranty time is also different. Therefore, the after-sales service of a good laser cutting equipment manufacturer is not only to solve the problems encountered in the user’s use process in a timely manner. The problems encountered, it is also necessary to provide customers with professional training physique for the machine and laser software, so as to help customers to use the machine correctly and as soon as possible.
       Finally, the editor still needs to emphasize that no matter how good a fiber laser cutting machine is in the market, various problems will inevitably occur during the use of users. When the problems encountered cannot be solved by themselves, it is very important whether laser cutting equipment manufacturers can solve the problems encountered by users in a timely manner. This is also what every enterprise must consider when purchasing fiber laser cutting machines. A very important factor in order to solve the worries for the use of subsequent equipment!
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