Metal laser cutting machine maintenance matters needing attention

      Summer is coming, the temperature is rising, you customers to nip in the dark, good maintenance of laser cutting machine is very important, so that you can effectively avoid the damage of laser generator, improve work efficiency, prolong the service life of the machine.
      To prevent the condensation of the laser optical path in summer, it is recommended to install air conditioning as soon as possible, pay attention to the switching sequence, when the laser stops working, the water tank should be closed first, and the high temperature water of the cutting head should be set at 30 degrees Celsius; As the ambient temperature rises, the flammable probability of each item increases. Pay attention to the spark generated in the cutting process and the cleanliness of the surrounding environment to prevent fire risk. Ande laser suggestions to customers are as follows:
      1. Pay attention to check whether the lubricating oil of the movement mechanism of the equipment flows out excessively. The oil is flammable, and the flame retardant items will also be flammable, such as organ cover and dust. If there is excess lubricating oil flowing out, pay attention to daily cleaning of oil near the cutting head and on the organ cover. And according to the lubrication situation, the reasonable setting of refueling device time;
      2. Metal dust accumulation in a specific environment will cause dust storm accidents, so it is necessary to arrange dust cleaning for equipment on each shift;
      3. Place dry powder fire extinguishing device nearby and perform fire rehearsal. If there is an accident, power off the equipment immediately, then quickly pick up the fire extinguisher, take off the safety bolt, hold the nozzle to the root of the fire, press down the handle, and fire. After extinguishing the fire, clean up the dust of the equipment, and pay special attention to the clean optical path.
      Clean the filter screen and heat sink of air compressor, water tank, air conditioner, cold and dry machine every day, so that it can better heat dissipation and resist high temperature.
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