On the morning of May 20th, Huang Hui, the vice-minister of faculty of intelligent manufacturing of Wuyi University, and Dr. Cao Minghui have come to visit Ande Laser. Huang Jianming, the general manager of Anho Group, and Zhou Gang, the general consultant of Ande Laser, were responsible for receiving and accompanying the visit. They held a meeting on future exchange and cooperation between university and enterprise in Anho Innovation Space.
        At the discussion, general manager Huang first thanked faculty of intelligent manufacturing of Wuyi University for its visit, and introduced the company profile of Ande Laser, including its background, production scale, talent growth channels, management system construction, etc. Minister Huang and Dr. Cao have showed great interest in Ande Laser’s projects and talent training plan. At the same time, they also introduced us the general situation, construction objectives and talent training direction of faculty of intelligent manufacturing. The two sides also made in-depth exchanges and communication on project cooperation such as students’ production practice, employment training and school-enterprise sharing platform, and reached a preliminary cooperation intention.
        After the meeting, general manager Huang and general consultant Zhou and others accompanied Minister Huang and Dr. Cao to visit the production workshop and exhibition hall of Ande laser and observed the production process and operation process of Ande’s laser equipments. Both of them praised and recognized the production scale and development prospects of Ande Laser.
        The leaders of both sides said that the talks had achieved positive results, which not only enhanced mutual understanding, but also enhanced the willingness of the cooperation between university and enterprise. It is hoped that in the future, we can jointly establish an industry-education integration mechanism and build a school-enterprise cooperation platform to create a new win-win situation.