How to maintain the laser pipe cutting machine?

       If you have purchased the right equipment, the installation and commissioning of the equipment will be fully packaged by the manufacturer after delivery, but how to make it lasting to bring you huge benefits and wealth? This requires you to treat this partner like a lover! A high-quality laser pipe cutting machine, in addition to insisting on the same daily maintenance as ordinary laser equipment, also adds an important content – the daily maintenance of the chuck. The maintenance points are as follows:
       1. Do a good job of lubrication to ensure that the chuck still has good accuracy after long-term use. But incorrect or inappropriate lubrication will lead to some problems, such as pneumatic chuck not working properly at low air pressure, weak clamping force, poor clamping accuracy, abnormal wear and sticking, so the chuck must be lubricated properly.
       2. Use molybdenum disulfide grease (black in color), and pour the grease into the grease nipple of the chuck until the grease overflows the surface of the jaws or the inner hole of the chuck. If the chuck is used for a long time with high rotation, or a large amount of oxygen is used for processing, more lubrication is required, and the frequency of lubrication must be increased according to the specific situation.
       3. After the processing is completed, be sure to use a high-pressure air gun or similar tools to clean the chuck body and the slide surface of the chuck. It is recommended to remove the chuck jaws for cleaning every 6 months (keep the sliding surfaces of the jaws clean) and lubricate them. Check the parts for cracks and wear, and replace the severely worn parts immediately. After the inspection, the sliding surface of the gripper should be brushed with sufficient lubricating oil before it can be assembled and used.
       4. For different workpieces, use different clamping methods or make special fixtures. Standard laser tube cutting chuck is suitable for symmetrical closed tube type. If you try to use it to clamp irregular or strange workpieces, it will cause the chuck to be abnormal; if the air supply pressure of the chuck is too high, the chuck will be under high pressure or shut down. The chuck also clamps the workpiece, which will reduce the life of the chuck and cause problems such as excessive chuck clearance.
       5. Anti-rust is another point, because the rust of the chuck will reduce the clamping force, so that the workpiece cannot be clamped. Scientific selection, careful maintenance! Do a good job in the maintenance of the chuck, so that the precision of the chuck can be maintained for a long time, and the laser pipe cutting machine you choose will return you continuous wealth
       Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of how to maintain the laser pipe cutting machine. Laser pipe cutting machine manufacturer Ande Laser Intelligent Equipment (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. is a laser equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. Its main products are laser cutting machines, laser pipe cutting machines, laser welding machines, and laser marking machines. and other series of equipment. The company’s R&D team has 20 years of industry experience, focusing on the research and development of products with stable performance and excellent quality, and is committed to providing systematic laser intelligent manufacturing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises around the world. Welcome to consult and purchase.
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