The basic knowledge of laser cutting you need to master (2)

     We have also explained the basic knowledge of laser cutting that must be mastered above.

1. Gasification cutting

           Vaporization cutting evaporates the material, minimizing the thermal effect on the surrounding materials as much as possible. The above effect can be achieved by using continuous CO2 laser processing to evaporate materials with low heat and high absorption, such as thin plastic films and infusible materials such as wood, paper, and foam.

           Ultrashort pulse lasers allow this technology to be applied to other materials. The free electrons in the metal absorb the laser light and heat up violently. The laser pulse does not react with the molten particles and plasma, the material directly sublimates, and there is no time to transfer energy to the surrounding materials in the form of heat. When the picosecond pulse ablates the material, there is no obvious thermal effect, no melting and burr formation.


2. Degree of polarization

       The degree of polarization indicates what percentage of the laser light is converted. The typical degree of polarization is generally around 90%. This is sufficient for high-quality cutting.

3. Focus diameter

           The focal diameter affects the width of the incision, and the focal diameter can be changed by changing the focal length of the focusing lens. A smaller focal diameter means a narrower incision.

4. Focus position

           The focal position determines the beam diameter and power density on the surface of the workpiece and the shape of the incision.

5.  Laser power

           The laser power should match the processing type, material type and thickness. The power must be high enough that the power density on the workpiece exceeds the processing threshold.

6. Working mode

           The continuous mode is mainly used to cut standard contours of metals and plastics from millimeters to centimeters in size. In order to melt the perforation or produce a precise contour, a low-frequency pulsed laser is used.

7. Cutting speed

           The laser power and cutting speed must match each other. Cutting speeds that are too fast or too slow will result in increased roughness and burr formation.

8. Nozzle diameter

           The diameter of the nozzle determines the flow and shape of the gas jetted from the nozzle. The thicker the material, the larger the diameter of the gas jet, and correspondingly, the larger the diameter of the nozzle opening.

9. Gas purity and pressure

           Oxygen and nitrogen are often used as cutting gases. The purity and pressure of the gas affect the cutting effect.

       When using oxygen flame cutting, the gas purity needs to reach 99.95%. The thicker the steel plate, the lower the gas pressure used. When using nitrogen for melting and cutting, the gas purity needs to reach 99.995% (ideally 99.999%), and higher air pressure is required for melting and cutting thick steel plates.

           In the early stage of laser cutting, users must decide the setting of processing parameters by themselves through trial operation. Now, mature processing parameters are stored in the control device of the cutting system. For each material type and thickness, there are corresponding data. The technical parameter table allows even those who are not familiar with this technology to operate smoothly laser cutting equipmentmore comfortably afterwards.


           There are many criteria for judging the quality of laser cut edges. Standards such as burr form, depression, and grain can be judged with the naked eye; verticality, roughness, and cut width need to be measured with special instruments. Material deposition, corrosion, heat affected area and deformation are also important factors to measure the quality of laser cutting.

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