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Own plant area
Exports to more than 40 countries
More than 1000 clients over the world

With more than 20 years’ experience in laser industry, Ande Laser Intelligent Equipment (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. has worked with more than 100 well-known enterprises all over the world and accumulated an excellent reputation. Today, in order to meet the needs of Ande Laser international business development strategy, we are now looking for more long-term dealership partners to deliver better service for fiber laser cutting machine, laser welding machine and laser cleaning machine all over the world. We sincerely invite you to join our distributor system and explore the market full of opportunities and challenges for win-win cooperation!


Competitive Price
Strict Quality Control Management
20+ Years’ Experience, self-production and direct supply, quality guarantee, trustworthy!
High-tech enterprises and advanced technology enterprises with good reputation worldwide.
Good After-sale Service
Approved with ISO9001 management system


        Becoming an authorized Ande Laser distributor, you will get excellent support with high-quality and reliable products, reasonable profit margin, fully sales & marketing support, on-time delivery and professional service support, etc. Ande Laser is willing to develop a long-term win-win business cooperative relationship with our distributors.

Distributor Authorization

Ande will release an official distributor 

authorization letter to whom accept our 

teams and are willing to distribute ANDE 

LASER machinery with a reasonable goal 

setting in the specified region with their 

strong sales & services capability.

Marketing Support

Ande Laser will launch international 

marketing promotion activities regularly 

for business development empowerment. 

Meanwhile, Ande Laser will offer market 

guidance and product selling tools and 

promotion material as support.

Sales Support

As an Ande Laser authorized dealer, you can get a full lead support from Ande Laser that any needs in your specified region agreed by both parties, will directly be released for your local follow-up in time. Meanwhile, Ande Laser will commit you a competitive margin level for your cost covering and benefit request.

Service Support

Ande Laser will provide all the professional technical support which is required by individual service processes before and after sales. Ande Laser will also offer a good part and component support relative to your sales performance of Ande Laser products at a periodical basis.


1. The agent must be a legally registered company or company legal person.

2. The agent must agree with Ande Laser overall business philosophy and be willing to abide by Ande Laser business rules and management system.

3. The agent must have experience in the laser industry, or have business resources in the laser industry.


1. Free Training

        Ande Laser Group organizes training courses every year, which will be lectured by the company’s sales director, technical director and project leader.

2. Technical Support

        The company is equipped with professional sales technical engineers who can assist agents in joint sales. Agents can seek assistance from sales technical engineers at any time. For important projects, the company can also send sales technical engineers to the agents to cooperate on site.

3. Promotion and product price support

        Ande Laser Group organizes training courses every year, which will be lectured by the company’s sales director, technical director and project leader.

4. Customer Support

        The new customer information and project information obtained by our company in this area will be handed over to the regional agent for follow-up, and the business amount belongs to the agent.

5. Major project support

        When an agent encounters a major project, the head office can provide full support from business negotiation, plan production, tender production, bidding, and contract signing.


        Ande Laser is willing to share the business success with our distributors, with favorable profit margin and professional technical support. If you have extensive experience on fiber laser equipment, including fiber laser cutting machine, fiber laser welding machine, fiber laser engraving machine and fiber laser cleaning machine, etc., please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.


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