板材专用光纤激光切割机 AD3015A 产品介绍: 激光切割机:可切割多种金属板材、管材、主要适用于不锈钢、碳钢、锰钢、镀锌板、各种合金板、 稀有金属等材质的快速切割;广泛应用于:厨房电气、钣金机箱机框、机框设备、电器设备、灯饰 五金、广告标牌、汽车配件、展示器材、各种金属制品、钣金切割加工等行业。 产品参数: 商品名称 板材专用光纤激光切割机 型号 AD3015A(AD4020A / AD6020A) 激光器功率 1000W,1500W,2000W,3000W 切割范围 3000*1500m Z轴行程 100mm X/Y轴定位精度 ±0.05mm/m X/Y轴重复定位精度 ±0.03mm/m 最大移动速度 120m/min 最大加速度 1.0G 整机占地面积 2300mm*5000mm 工作台最大载重 650kg 电力需求 三相五线交流380V,50HZ AC380V,50HZ 总电源防护等级 IP54 产品特点: 激光切割机领域入门级机型 · 经济型切割机,为您节省投资成本 · 一体式紧凑机体,节省摆放空间,提升空间利用率 · 一键开启,操作简单,便捷高效 · 超细腻切割,满足多种切割需求 产品展示: 激光切割样品:

How to solve the aging problem of metal laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting machine manufacturers tell you that the laser is easy to get old and damaged in the parts of metal laser cutting machine. In daily use, both the operator and the boss of laser cutting machine manufacturers should pay attention to it. How to slow down the aging of metal laser cutting machine?

Winter antifreeze guide for laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine manufacturers tell you, winter is coming, for the cold winter climate, for the relevant fiber laser cutting machine antifreeze skills operation is to need laser cutting machine manufacturers to master more. Laser cutting machine manufacturers here for you to do a related introduction. We must pay attention to the following three aspects:

Anho successfully held 2020 Staff Badminton Competition

In order to enrich sports life of the employees of the group, enhance communication between employees, strengthen team cohesion, and relieve work pressure. On the afternoon of November 14, Anho organized a staff badminton competition. This game is a mixed doubles competition, which is divided into knockout and finals. The contestants adhered to the sportsmanship …

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Ander laser will accompany you in 2020

On December 18-20, 2020, Jiangmen wisdom Expo will be held in Zhuxi International Convention and Exhibition Center, Guangdong Province! The exhibition lasts for three days, covering an area of 30000 square meters, attracting 35000 professional buyers and 350 exhibitors.