Analysis test of factors affecting the quality of laser cutting

        The laser cutting control system is laser cutting equipment  the key functional components. As a lasercutting equipment the core of the laser cutting control system, through the integration of key technologies such as CAD, CAM, and NC, forms a set of laser cutting solutions covering layout, cutting, numerical control and other processes to achieve good compatibility between components, software, and hardware. The quality of the laser cutting system directly determines the accuracy and efficiency of the laser cutting equipment, and is the key to the differentiation of laser cutting equipment. Today, the laser cutting manufacturer Ande Laser will talk to you about the analysis and test of the main factors affecting the quality of laser cutting.
       Based on the above analysis of factors affecting the quality of laser cutting, hot-formed parts with a thickness of 1.0 to 3.0 mm were selected for laser cutting experiments, and cuts, holes, or edges were selected for analysis. The test procedure is as follows. 1 Do the focus position test and adjust the focus position according to the offset of the focus. Adjust the focus position gradually from 3 mm to −3 mm, and make a record for each increase of −0.5 mm. Optimal focus position, proceed to the next test. 2 Adjust the power of laser cutting. Use the focus position with better cutting state in the first step to test the power. The power starts from 1000 W, and cuts every 300 W. Make a record and compare the quality of the cut. Keep the cutting quality better. Good cutting power, proceed to the next test. 3 Change the pressure of the cutting gas to test the focus and power state of the better cutting quality in the second step. The air pressure starts from 7 Pa, and each increase of 1 Pa, cut once and compare the cutting quality, and retain the laser cutting gas with good cutting quality. Pressure value, proceed to the next test. 4 Increase the cutting speed to test the focus, power state and cutting gas pressure value of the third step with better cutting quality. The speed starts from 6000 mm/min, and the cutting is performed every time an increase of 1000 mm/min. Make a record and compare the cutting quality. Keep the cutting speed value of the good cutting quality state, and proceed to the next test. 5 Nozzle distance setting Test the focus, power state, cutting gas pressure value and cutting speed of step 4 with better cutting quality. The nozzle distance starts from 0.6 mm and increases by 0.2 mm each time until the nozzle distance is adjusted to 1.2 mm. Every time you cut, make a record and compare the cutting status to obtain the nozzle distance value for the better cutting quality. The instability caused by the long running time of the machine tool will only show up when cutting for a long time. No experiment and comparison will be made here, and the analysis and summary will be paid attention to in the future cutting. About the analysis test of the main factors affecting the quality of laser cutting, I learned about it today. If you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to us. Ander Laser Intelligent Equipment (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. is a laser that integrates R&D, production and sales. Equipment manufacturer, main products:laser cutting machines. Laser marking machine, laser welding machine and laser equipment peripheral automation and other series, involving more than 100 kinds of industrial laser equipment and its supporting products, fully control the product quality, many series of products have obtained the EU CE certification, look forward to your cooperation learn.