Anho successfully held 2020 Staff Badminton Competition

In order to enrich sports life of the employees of the group, enhance communication between employees, strengthen team cohesion, and relieve work pressure. On the afternoon of November 14, Anho organized a staff badminton competition. This game is a mixed doubles competition, which is divided into knockout and finals. The contestants adhered to the sportsmanship of “friendship first, competition second”, and the entire competition was held in a united, tense and enterprising atmosphere.Players on the field sweated and enjoyed the game. Advanced players are excelled at offense. They spun net shot,dropped and smashed. The superb skills won rounds of applause. It not only brought a visual feast to the audience,but also intensified of the competition. Scenes of wonderful confrontations were staged at the scene, “The Best of the Universe” and “The Extraordinary”, “We are a Team” and “Triumph”successfully met at the finals. Amidst the ceaseless cheers, the game was tight. After an afternoon of fierce competition, “The Best of the Universe” won the championship with tacit teamwork and superb skills.”The Extraordinary” and “We are a Team” won the second and third place respectively. For the employees, it is usually to communicate with everyone at weekdays. This game gave them a rare opportunity to compete with the superiors both on the court and in the workplace at the same time and also united the whole group.At the same time, in the competition, we could feel cohesion of the teams, as well as the spirit of of Anho and the unlimited potential of the company’s vigorous development. Among all ball sports, badminton is the fastest. The speeds of the ball and motion have very high requirements on the reaction of the participants. Playing badminton not only exercises a person’s cervical spine and waist, but also has a positive impact on mind and psychology. We hope, through this competition, employees will pay more attention to physical and mental health and actively participate in sports provided by the company for free every week. At the same time, it inspires employees to bring teamwork, courage and perseverance into daily job, contributing to the development of the enterprise.